Promotor of the competitionFreistaat Bayern

represented through

Staatliches Bauamt München 1
Peter-Auzinger-Straße 10
81547 Munich
ProcedureDesign competition as per VgV (Public Procurement Regulation), a restricted project competition for architects, governed by the RPW 2013 rules, introduced by OBBS of October 1, 2013, ref. IIZ5-4634-001/13).

The working language of the competition is German. The competition website is available in english. In case of contradiction of information provided, the German text shall prevail.
JuryTechnical jurors
Horst Seehofer, Bavarian Minister President
Dieter Reiter, First Mayor of the State Capital Munich

and other representatives of the Bavarian state government and the State Capital Munich plus additional technical jurors

Architectural jurors
Prof. Markus Allmann, Munich
Ldt. BD Kurt Bachmann, Chief Building Director, Head State Building Office Munich 1
Kai-Uwe Bergmann, New York/Copenhagen
Prof. Hannelore Deubzer, Munich
MDirig Friedrich Geiger, Head Section State Buidling, Supreme Building Office, Munich
Prof. Finn Geipel, Paris/Berlin
Prof. Harry Gugger, Basel
Prof. Hubert Hermann, Vienna/Leipzig
Prof. Hermann Kaufmann, Munich
Prof. Ulrike Lauber, Munich /Berlin
Prof. Arno Lederer, Stuttgart
Josef Peter Meier-Scupin, Munich
Prof. Dr.(I) Elisabeth Merk, Planning Director, State Capital Munich

Alternate Architectural jurors
Lutz Heese, Munich
Ltd BD Harald Löhnert, Head Section State Building, Government of Upper Bavaria, Munich
Susanne Ritter, City Director, Leader Urban Design, State Capital Munich
Prof. Kirsten Schemel, Berlin/Munster
Elena Schütz, Berlin/Zurich
BDin Christine Mantel, Project Leader Concert Hall, State Building Office Munich 1
MR Andreas Muschialik, Head Section IIA3, Supreme Building Office, Munich
Prizes and remunerationAn overall amount of EUR 500,000 (w/o VAT) has been earmarked for prizes and recognitions and is intended to be distributed as follows:

1st prize: EUR 125,000 (w/o VAT)
2nd prize: EUR 100,000 (w/o VAT)
3rd prize: EUR 75,000 (w/o VAT)
4th prize: EUR 60,000 (w/o VAT)
5th prize: EUR 40,000 (w/o VAT)
Recognitions EUR 100,000 (w/o VAT)

In accordance with § 7 RPW 2013, the jury may by a unanimous vote decide that the prize money will be distributed differently.

Competitors in Germany liable to VAT for services rendered in the competition will receive the corresponding amount on top of the prize money.
Participants35 architects or teams or consortia of architects are admitted to this competition. The competitors were selected within the framework of an open application procedure. Through this procedure 25 participants have been selected plus additional 4 in the category young/small practice.
The sponsor has admitted beforehand the following six practices

Gehry Partners, LLP, Los Angeles
gmp Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner, Hamburg
Henning Larsen Architects, Copenhagen/Munich
Herzog & de Meuron, Munich
Schultes Frank Architekten, Berlin
Snøhetta, Oslo

The above six practices are included in the number of 35.
EligibilityThe eligibility area to apply for participation comprised the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) plus the member countries of the WTO Agreement on Public Procurement (GPA).

Eligible to apply were physical persons who on the day of the announcement of the present competition are entitled, according to the legislation of their country of residence, to use the occupational title “architect” as per Art. 1 par. 1 or Art. 2 BauKaG. If in the applicant’s country of residence the use of the occupational title is not subject to legislation, the applicant complies with the requirements if he or she holds a diploma or other certificate attesting to his or her professional qualification that can be recognized according to the directive 2005/36/EC (EU directive on occupational qualifications).

Also eligible for participation were legal entities and applicant consortia composed of physical persons and legal entities.

Legal entities had to appoint an authorized representative who will be liable for rendering the services required in the competition. The authorized representative and the liable author(s) of the competition entry must meet the requirements put on physical persons in their capacity as competitors.

The candidates must on their own responsibility check whether they are eligible for participation. Impediments to participation are listed under § 4 par. 2 of RPW 2013 and §§ 6 and 7 VgV. Subsequent to the meeting of the jury, the authors’ eligibility for participation will be checked again.
Admission of entrants to the profession and small practicesAmong an overall field of at most 35 practices, at most 5 entrants to the profession and/or small practices will be admitted to the competition.

The applications of entrants to the profession and small practices will be assessed according to the same criteria applicable to experienced practices. However, in order to qualify for participation entrants to the profession and small practices need not achieve as many points as experienced practices. In the category “entrants to the profession and small practices” the maximally five applicants with the highest numbers of points will be admitted.

As “entrants to the profession and/or small practices” qualify applicants having obtained their certificate of professional aptitude less than 5 years before the announcement of this competition (i.e. in 2011 or later) and/or whose practice employs less than 5 technical collaborators with an academic degree (diploma, MA, BA or equivalent degree in a relevant field) with the proprietors being included in that number. In the case of practices with several proprietors or applicant consortia, all the members must meet these requirements; the overall number of the technical collaborators with an academic degree (diploma, MA, BA or equivalent degree in a relevant field) employed by all the members of a candidate consortium, incl. the proprietors, must be less than five.

Applicants in the category “entrants to the profession and small practices” must declare on their own responsibility that they comply with the above criteria.
Online forum application period August 12, to September 12, 2016
Application deadline September 19, 2016
Jury colloquium October 20, 2016
Selection of competitors October 2016
Confirmation of admission October 2016
Distribution of competition materials November 14, 2016
Participants’ colloquium: December 9, 2016
Submission of entries March 2017
Meeting of the jury October 26 and 27, 2017
Exhibition October 29 until November 26, 2017
In case of contradiction of information provided on this website and the competition brief, the information given in the competition brief shall prevail.